For Creatives of all natures, a coach can be a vital part of your support system as you move towards your calling, career, passion project, and more. Focus is placed on crafting your vision as you overcome blocks of fear, self-doubt, and rejection; and operate from a place of love and abundance. From personal development to goal attainment, a combination of imagination and questioning that encourages deep thought is used to align your life with your values. How you define your overall success is connected to your determination and willingness to make lasting changes.

Newness is the essence of creativity. It spins knowledge on its head, breaking down ideas and building them up in exciting, different ways. We just need the courage to take risks, and surrender to possibility. As your coach, I provide support and encouragement as you move toward achieving your goals, unlocking creative approaches to your craft, transitions, and life as you know it. Clients will break down blocks and build steps to turn vision into reality as their best, authentic selves. Everyone has their own style, beat, and form of expression. Have you discovered yours?

  • Life Coaching
    The beauty of exploring is venturing into new and useful territory that you’ve never imagined before. As client, you hold the reins, and a coach is with you for the ride, pushing you to keep your eyes on the finish line and beyond while making shifts in areas of life where change is desired. Setbacks are not dead-ends. Empowering and illuminating, life coaching is a transformative process that aligns vision with reality as your best, authentic self.
  • Coaching for Writers
    What story do you want to tell? With a coach's guidance, explore your ideas and put them into words that communicate with your target audience. Develop your writing discipline to see your project through from start to finish, creating useful habits along the way. Services include proofreading and editing assistance.


Life coaching is a process in accountability that empowers and illuminates by shining light on the fact that the power to reach your goals already exists inside of you, waiting to be set free. Curiosity is free to roam, providing room to think and see a new perspective that may not have been considered. It gives you, as the client, a safe space and a platform to use your voice as your true, authentic self. Setbacks will not be dead-ends. As you hold the reins, a coach is with you for the ride, pushing you to keep your eyes on the finish line and beyond.


  • Exploration

  • Discovery

  • Freedom

  • Empowerment

  • Authenticity



Four sessions (two months) for $100
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The beauty of exploring is venturing into new and useful territory that you’ve never imagined before.

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