Everyone has the ability to inspire, to make an impact,
and express themselves freely.

As an individual, you are a maverick—a free spirit—and life is your canvas. 
What have you created today?

Hello, Sunshine! I'm Britt, a star-gazer and sunrise-chaser with a collection of magic erasers, and a fascination with the fantastic.

A thinker of inappropriate thoughts at inopportune times and a musical junkie, I've got pages of journals chronicling episodes better left in the dust, but with stories too telling to be abandoned just yet.

I'm a wandering adventurer, a deep sea explorer, and spellbinder who frequently sings to a sold-out crowd in the shower. As a lover of words, colors, life and learning, I find inspiration in all the small things.

Storytelling is my passion, and expression is a gift best shared, no matter what the avenue.

At Maverick’s Canvas, let's highlight the journeys that take us down the path of discovery to realization. Sparks of inspiration are ignited differently for everyone, and by sharing knowledge through experience, I hope a fire lights within you.



As a certified life coach, Britt specializes in Creative Vision, which focuses on breaking down blocks & building steps toward turning crafted vision into reality.

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